Personnel activities from 2000 year:

Engineering research projects in transport field which involve transport communication investigations, planning, prognostication, evaluation of the investment demand.

Scientific-expert activities: creation of the methods of investigations, results evaluations and prognostications, performance of law regulations and national development programs. 41 scientific articles publicized 14 whereof in international databases.





Director dr.Martynas Starevičius

Projects of the company personnel as contractors or working group leaders:

  • Public transport and residents movement

‘Evaluation of the existent situation and proposals for the development of the public transport system organization in Šiauliai city regular public transport routes’ (2013);

‘Creation of the investigation methodology and energy consumption calculation model for the public liner bus’ (2013);

‘General territory plan of Kaunas district, solutions’ (2007);

‘Optimization of the routes of the Kaunas city public transport’ (2003);

‘Research of the passenger’s flows of the Kaunas city public transport’ (2002).

  • Transport infrastructure planning


‘Rail Baltica Growth Corridor“ Interreg IVB Baltic Sea Region Programm 2007-2013’ (2013)
‘Feasibility study on Rail Baltica railways’ (international project) (2007);


‘Planning documents and technical project performance including environmental impact assessment of the national significance road 141 Kaunas-Jurbarkas-Šilutė-Klaipėda section from 222.52 to 228.92 km reconstruction’ (2011);

‘Technical proposals including environmental impact assessment of the national significance road A6 Kaunas-Zarasai-Daugpilis (Karmėlava bypass) section from 11.20 to 15.90 km construction’ (2011);

‘Performance of the documentation for construction financing from EU Cohesion Funds of the road 141 section from 209.2 to 215.7 km (Priekulė bypass)’ (2011);

‘Selection of the solutions and its economical evaluation for the heavy, size excess and other cargo transportation routes to Visaginas nuclear power plant: research of the Lithuanian road network’ (2010);

‘Communications infrastructure conditions and demand evaluation for the new passengers and freights terminal of Klaipėda’ (2008);

‘Possibilities study of the railway and overbridge (over Varnėnų str.) reconstruction in the south part of the port from Varnėnų str. to Nevėžio str.’ (2008);

‘Analysis of alternatives of high-speed speed railway Rail Baltica in the north part of Lithuania’ (2007);

‘Economical evaluations of the Vilnius bypass construction’ (2007);


‘Research of the transport flows in roundabout of Šauklių str. – Jonavos str. in Kaunas city’ (2009);

‘Possibilities study of the road and bridge (over Nevėžis river) construction near Surviliškis’ (2008);

‘Conceptual solutions in the crossroads in entrances of the housing development’ (2007);

‘Research and modeling of transport flows in the three crossroads in Veiverių str. and one in Lamūnų str. depending on solutions of the housing development detailed plan’ (2007);

‘Economical evaluation of construction of the Utena bypass’ (2006);

‘Economical, transport safety and social aspects evaluation of the 3rd variation of Zarasai city bypass’ (2006);

‘Possibilities evaluation of the reconstruction of the gravel roads in Jurbarkas (Sodai, Tulpių and Kalnėnai squares)’ (2006);

‘Economical evaluation of the construction of Ginkūnai (Šiauliai north-east) bypass’ (2005).

‘Economical evaluation of the construction of Raudondvaris bypass’ (2005);

‘Research and optimization of the transport and pedestrians flows in SC trading depot ‘Urmas’ territory’ (2003).

Work examples

  • Territory planning

‘Special territory plan of Kaunas free economic zone’ (2009);

‘Possibilities study of the Kaunas air park’ (2009);

‘Special plan of transport system of Rietavas municipality’ (2009);

‘Preventive plan of noise for 2009-2013 years of Kaunas city’ (2008);

‘Possibilities study of the transport system of the Rietavas municipality’ (2008);

‘Optimization of the transport flows for connection of the south and north parts of Mažeikiai city’ (2008);

Work examples

  • Proposals and preparing of law regulations

‘Proposals for Lithuania Republic road maintenance and development financing program law changes for implementation of Europe Parliament and Europe Council directive 2006/38/EB (17.05.2006), which partially changes directive 1999/62/EB’ (2006);

‘Analysis of the taxation of size excess goods traffic in Lithuania and neighbour states, proposals performance’ (2006);

‘Substantiation of the road maintenance and development financing program’ (2005);

‘Analysis of the taxation of goods traffic and substantiation of the rates of taxes’ (2004);

  • Funding documents (EU and other funds)

‘Performance of documentation and consultations for ecological public transport means purchasing funded by climate changing special program (technical specification, qualification requirements for the suppliers and suggestions estimation requirements)’ (2012);

‘Possibilities study of transport safety means implementation in 2010-2011 years’ (2008);

‘Performance of documentation for EU Regional Development Fund financing of the transport safety means implementation in 2007-2009 years’ (2005);

‘Possibilities study of accessory list of transport safety means implementation in 2007-2009 years’ (2005);

‘Possibilities study of transport safety means implementation in 2007-2009 years’ (2004).